Creative Solutions. Serious Returns.

Business, Product, and Technology Development.

We help companies grow their businesses. With an emphasis on financial services, the principals and staff are knowledgeable in multiple areas:

o        Business and marketing strategy

o        Financial services operations

o        Technology development

o        Interim management

 Because of our interdisciplinary approach, we provide our clients with actionable results, efficiently and effectively.

Barry L. Star, our CEO, is one of the nation's leading authorities on electronic retail financial services. In August 2003, Mr. Star was awarded a U.S. Patent (#6,606,606) for "Systems and Methods for Integrating Financial Transactions". In 1999, he was named one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Year by Massachusetts Investor's Digest for his innovative work in creating the OneCore Financial Network, Inc. business. Formerly an executive at Fidelity Investments, Mr. Star developed the highly successful Fidelity Investments Advisor Group, which provides brokerage services to independent money managers; and Fidelity On-line Xpress, a PC-based brokerage trading and accounting system that received the Most Valuable Product award from PC Computing magazine. He holds degrees from both M.I.T. and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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